I actually drew quite a bit today. Pretty pleased.


I always manage to feel like a fool.

Really apprehensive about finishing this one, but I’m so close.

My “shading” is just scribble right now. Not sure if this is working…

I’m not entirely sure how this is going…

Urgh. Why did I decide to draw a boy with a beard? I can’t even draw boys. How does facial hair even work?

Forcing myself to draw something. I’m not really sure how I feel about it…

I’m finding it difficult to draw. It’s a feeling that is not quite anxiety; it’s something more like apprehension. But it makes it difficult to start, even though I want to. Last night I barely filled a page of my sketchbook with terrible Sailor Moon sketches. I want to start a new book again, like always.

Another girl from a little while ago. Enjoy.
Media: Unipin fine liner, graphite pencil, col-erase pencils
Girls that I drew around 10 weeks ago. Some are from the internet and some are from my imagination.
Media: Col-erase pencils

I am so bad at all things html, but I managed to update my theme with links and such. So yay!! Now I actually have to start uploading art…

I have got to get good at checking and updating my social media…